Monday, May 19, 2008

Personal My Internet Business Review Revealed

I joined My Internet Business from very beginning - April 2. I want to share with you my personal and honest My Internet Business review. What really struck me in the beginning was very professional and informative tour. Everything nicely designed, on every page separate video. Capture page like a tour was looking very professional. The next thing that really surprised me was call back request button on bottom. There are not many network marketing programs like My Internet Business with such clean and professional site design.

In this My Internet Business review I want to describe a bit back office. After making a payment I got access to the back office. The first thing I saw was big button with text on it "Take A Tour Through Back Office". I clicked it and saw about 20 minute video showing me every section in back office and explaining basic things that I have to set up on start. I must admit that My Internet Business have a great support also. There is no problem to get any answers to your questions.

I have started to surf over the back office and read, watch all the goodies it is offering. My Internet Business offers great articles and resources about every way of marketing online. There are also very valuable, easy to follow videos for very new people in internet marketing and online business. I found also section for intermediate and advanced users. My Internet Business is offering content for everyone, creators did not forget about newbie.

What I really liked was really intuitive navigation, everything was so easy to find. Capture page and autoresponders were already made for me, so I went to my products section and started to learn more about internet marketing. I printed over 20 ebooks right now and I must admit most of them are offering very unique content, that can't be find in regular sites over the internet. There are ebooks about internet marketing, mindset, goal setting, crafting, real estate and gardening. You will certainly find your topic in such a large database.

I was really glad when I got noticed that there is tonight webinar for new people in program. I was again walked through back office and more detailed stuff like setting up merchant account, integrating it to the system and how payments work. I got all information I needed to really start promote My Internet Business.

I'm really glad to be a part of this program. Finishing this personal My Internet Business review I think that's a perfect place for a learning curve to polish your marketing skills, learn more and apply this knowledge on the internet. I encourage anyone to see this tour first before making any opinion about this program. You have to see it.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Internet Business Review - Training Overview

Most people fail in internet business because they don't know what they are doing! If you won't market your site, you won't generate any traffic and you won't make any sales. My Internet Business thought about all beginners in internet marketing and provides outstanding training videos, audios, webinars. Theirs Audio & Video Library contains hours of high-quality content about all aspects of internet marketing.

Video Library:

My Internet Business provides top notch marketing resources with links to great sites, software, ebooks and more. It's all for you for free. With this training center you will learn everything you need to know about internet marketing.

My Internet Business training center includes:

These topics cover pretty much all main ways to advertise your business online and offline. Also includes very important ascepts to succeed in business that is mindset and goal setting that will push you forward even more. My Internet Business experts cover these techniques:
  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Ezines
  • Forums
  • Free & Cheap
  • Craigslist
  • Online Classified
  • Offline Classified
  • Banner Advertising
  • Podcasting
  • Press Releases
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Web 2.0
  • Magazine Marketing
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Direct Mail

In addition My Internet Business offers free weekly webinars about marketing, mindset and goal setting.

I'm very confident about this program and i know it provides great value for everyone. That's why I can honestly recommend it to anyone who want to lean from zero about internet marketing and also more advanced marketers. My Internet Business training center provides so many free resources and help that it makes this program a pioneer in online business programs!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Internet Business Review - Compensation Plan Review

My Internet Business have one of the best lucrative compensation plan. You get paid from very first sale you made, no pass up of sales. My Internet Business is a real business where you will always generate pure profit. You will also generate consistent residual income from sales of your second level people (people that were found by your downline).

There are 4 packages you can order in My Internet Business

Bronze - cost $495, 1 level profit $300, second level profit $100, payment to company $95.
Silver - cost $995, 1 level profit $700, second level profit $150, payment to company $145.
Gold - cost $1995, 1 level profit $1400, second level profit $300, payment to company $295.
Platinum - cost $2995, 1 level profit $2000, second level profit $500, payment to company $495.

If you don't have money right now you can join as an associate for $59 per month but in this case you will pass your first sale, and after that you will receive commission.

As you see My Internet Business though about all people that are interested in Internet Business, from those with little or no budget to big players. You see now how well it's all constructed and simple. My Internet Business is becoming a pioneer in internet. Every aspect of this program is shining and make a big impression for everyone. I bet it's going to be the most memorable program in 2008 and most trustful for long time.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Internet Business Review - Products Overview

My Internet Business offers largest collection of digital products library. There are many ebooks about marketing, mindset, goal setting and many other genres. You can check on picture below more informations about products categories:

My Internet Business also have in offer updated premium vacation certificates that include: Hotels, Cruises, Airfare, Condo Getaways, High End Restors Stay AND MORE!

Another great and unique product that My Internet Business have is over 50 hours of powerful audio interviews with 48 of the most well known and highly respected millionaires in the world today. All these people have broad experience in internet business and home based business. You will learn a lot from theirs interviews, I already heard to some and I'm really amazed the content and knowledge they are sharing, it's just so amazing!

Additionally in rich My Internet Business product library you will found quality physial products. Yes Physical! Right now there is a board game that is called The Net Millionaire Training System. This game is directly made for internet entrepreneurs and marketers to achieve great success in real business.

In backoffice every week there are new products been added. My Internet Business products library is consistently growing, there are no just few useless products that no one really need but tons of quality and great products for everyone. That makes this program one of the best on market with greatest products they can offer. Owners of My Internet Business are committed and motivated to give theirs best and make this program the best on market, provide best quality products, offers, opportunity, support, calls and help. Right now I can't really find any other program that offers so much and is so professional as My Internet Business.
You won't be wrong choosing this business!

Enjoy the movie: "The Home Based Business REVOLUTION!!"

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Internet Business Review - Better Then Ever?

For who is My Internet Business?

My Internet Business is perfect program for anyone: newbie in internet marketing, advanced person and guru. Although it's really a great place for new person in internet business because of all trainings and resources My Internet Business give. This program is really for anyone who want to change theirs financial situation and live the life of abundance. No one want to be poor and struggle because of lack of money, debts and other problems connected with it.

If you are serious committed about getting involved in program that will last for long long time, not months or yeras but for really long time, you should definitely choose My Internet Business. Are you looking for extra income? Or maybe do you want to finally quit your job and find some work that can give you more freedom? Do you have a big goals and an ambition to achieve them? My Internet Business have answer to you.

What My Internet Business offers you?

1000s Of Digital Products, there are ebooks not only about marketing but also other interesting topics. There are some really quality ebooks that cost even $197 in normal price! That's Quality! No other program have such big and rich database of digital products. My Internet Business totally smash their competition.

My Internet Business offers also audios, templates and even physical products shipped right to your front door. You will receive access to 50 top home based business millionaires exciting interviews that you can't get anywhere else. That's totally unique content.

My Internet Business is almost 100% automatic. You will get access to Turn-Key Systems for virtually efortless lead generation.
There is also team of Professional Business Assistants that will follow up your prospects, answer all theirs questions on your behalf. No more calling people, you can forget about it.