Monday, May 19, 2008

Personal My Internet Business Review Revealed

I joined My Internet Business from very beginning - April 2. I want to share with you my personal and honest My Internet Business review. What really struck me in the beginning was very professional and informative tour. Everything nicely designed, on every page separate video. Capture page like a tour was looking very professional. The next thing that really surprised me was call back request button on bottom. There are not many network marketing programs like My Internet Business with such clean and professional site design.

In this My Internet Business review I want to describe a bit back office. After making a payment I got access to the back office. The first thing I saw was big button with text on it "Take A Tour Through Back Office". I clicked it and saw about 20 minute video showing me every section in back office and explaining basic things that I have to set up on start. I must admit that My Internet Business have a great support also. There is no problem to get any answers to your questions.

I have started to surf over the back office and read, watch all the goodies it is offering. My Internet Business offers great articles and resources about every way of marketing online. There are also very valuable, easy to follow videos for very new people in internet marketing and online business. I found also section for intermediate and advanced users. My Internet Business is offering content for everyone, creators did not forget about newbie.

What I really liked was really intuitive navigation, everything was so easy to find. Capture page and autoresponders were already made for me, so I went to my products section and started to learn more about internet marketing. I printed over 20 ebooks right now and I must admit most of them are offering very unique content, that can't be find in regular sites over the internet. There are ebooks about internet marketing, mindset, goal setting, crafting, real estate and gardening. You will certainly find your topic in such a large database.

I was really glad when I got noticed that there is tonight webinar for new people in program. I was again walked through back office and more detailed stuff like setting up merchant account, integrating it to the system and how payments work. I got all information I needed to really start promote My Internet Business.

I'm really glad to be a part of this program. Finishing this personal My Internet Business review I think that's a perfect place for a learning curve to polish your marketing skills, learn more and apply this knowledge on the internet. I encourage anyone to see this tour first before making any opinion about this program. You have to see it.

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